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Volume 21, No. 2: 2012



Musical Translations Across the Mediterranean

Issue Editors: Philip Ciantar and Franco Fabbri

Marcello Sorce-Keller

Philip Ciantar & Franco Fabbri

Early Music and the Mediterranean World: The Exploration of Hypothetical Worlds
Britta Sweers

Found in Translation: Epic, Song, and the Discovery of the Mediterranean
Philip V. Bohlman

Translating, ‘Music of Foreign Nations’: Perspectives of a Comparative Musicologist in Mandatory Palestine
Ruth F. Davis

Translating from Nothing and Everything: Israel’s Habrera Hativeet (‘Natural Gathering’) in Retrospective
Edwin Seroussi

Jewish Music from Jerusalem to Jerusalem: The Mediterranean Timeless Music
Gila Flam

Translating American-Jewish Feminism through Mediterranean Music: Reflections on Consuelo Luz’s Compositions within the Context of Crypto-Jewish Tradition
Sarah Ross

Rebetiko as a Testing Device for Genre Theories and Musical Categorizing Processes
Franco Fabbri

Songs, Sounds ad Sentiments in Translation: The Transnational Travels of Corsican and Georgian Polyphony
Caroline Bithell

Su Raap: Sardinian Hip Hop between Mass Culture and Local Specificities
Marco Lutzu

Translating and Rebuilding Mediterranean Musical Place: Italian-American Musical Culture from Sheet Music to The Sopranos
Michael Saffle

Singing/Hearing the Outerness: An Analysis of Hermeneutical Perspectives on the Relationships between Bellinian and Sicilian Song
Francesco Del Bravo

Translated Repertoires in Malta, from Secular to Religious: The Case of Vincenzo Mifsud and other Maltese Composers of the Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Century
Simon Mercieca

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