MMS in a Nutshell
The "Mediterranean" (...) represents better than others a place in which one encounters countless diversities.
(Tullia Magrini, "Where Does Mediterranean Music Begin?")

Professor Tullia Magrini of Bologna University founded the web journal Music & Anthropology in 1996, and conceived it as organ of the Study Group “Anthropology  of Music in Mediterranean Cultures” she herself had started in 1992. In 2005, when Tullia so untimely passed away, Martin Stokes took over the editorship, and brilliantly gave continuity to the editorial line by publishing materials that already were in the pipeline, and then by putting together a very special issue devoted to Turkish music. That brought to completion one Era, so to say. At this point it was felt by many of the more active people in the Study Group, Martin Stokes, Ruth Davis, and me among others, that after about fifteen years, Music and Anthropology needed to be better tailored to meet the present needs of the Study Group.

One significant change is that this new online organ of the Study Group takes now a new name: Mediterranean Music Studies (MMS). It is meant to indicate that although the anthropological approach will surely be prevalent, all other approaches to Mediterranean music will be welcome, from all fields (history, psychology, geography, pedagogy, etc.) – no one excluded. Equally relevant is that MMS is not conceived as a journal but, rather, a location where scholarly contributions appear as they become available, when so dependent on multimedia as to make it appropriate to publish them here rather than on paper. They will be found in the section devoted to "articles" whose research articles undergo rigorous peer review, based on initial editor screening and refereeing by at least two anonymous referees. There is also a section containing multimedia adjuncts to publications generated by the Study Group activities; a section, "Multimedia Documents", containing audio and video documents deserving to be made available, because of their intrinsic value, ready to elicit comments; and one devoted to book and audio-video reviews; and several others containing information about Mediterranean centers, journals, conferences, colloquia, publications, and research initiatives, insofar as they pertain to music.

The present writer, Study Group Chair and Editor of this website hopes that Euterpe, Apollo, Saint Cecilia, and Saraswati, will look kindly on this project and wish us good luck. But, of course, all such divine entities live in another world, and I will express them my gratitude when I feel their intervention in our own. However, I do not need to wait to say how grateful I am to my very good friend and cousin Dr. Roberto Baroncelli, engineer in computer science, who is helping me develop this website because, without his expertise we would be getting nowhere. I am also very grateful to Ruth F. Davis, Philip V. Bohman and Martin Stokes who accepted to be on the editorial board from the very beginning and are constantly helping me with their badly needed advice.

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